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Our work in Guatemala.

Co-partners began working in Chichicastenango in 2000, initially working with the Asociacion para el Desarrollo Indigna del Kiche and later with the Asociacion de Desarrollo Comunitario and La Red de Mujeres. Of all of the projects and initiatives we have undertaken with our partners, the longest-running, providing school supply scholarships, has been ongoing since 2008.





Co-partners donates $2,000 a year to the Red de Mujeres to provide school supplies to 200 local children 

Co-partners also provides training to the board of La Red de Mujeres so that they may lead training sessions to women in isolated communities. These classes include such topics as woman's rights and nutrition.

The newest initiative for the Red is a chicken project, "Chickens for Chichi". Funded by the Rotary Club of Washington D.C., this donation funded training for eight board members which they ten replicated for six other women in their communities who each then received six chickens.

La Red de Mujeres is a massive success. Co-partners worked with them for 20 years and recently helped them achieve legal status. This gives them the opportunity to practice and learn leadership in a safe environment before taking a larger role in the community. Additionally, it gives them admin experience in managing their own donations.

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