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Our partner organizations develop and manage low-cost, accessible training programs for low income residents of small, rural communities lacking access to formal education and occupational training. Co-partners supported programs teach skills such as dressmaking, cosmetology, computer basics, electricity and English – skills with the potential to increase household incomes and support further education. . The following data show why our investment can make a difference in the lives of women and children living in  rural communities of Guatemala and El Salvador where we work:


49% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line, while another 8.7% live in extreme poverty.

29% of El Salvador lives below the poverty line, while another 8.5% lives in extreme poverty.

The literacy rate in Guatemala is just over 81%, making it one of the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

The literacy rate in El Salvador is just over 89%.

In Guatemala, the mean average years of schooling is 4.1 years​.

In El Salvador, the mean average years of schooling is 5.2 years​.

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