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Archer Heinzen

Archer Heinzen is one of the founders of Co-partners. She is a counseling psychologist and development professional with many years of living and working in Latin America, starting as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru. She accompanied her husband Jim to El Salvador in 1992, the year the peace accords were signed. At the invitation of a Salvadoran friend, she began working with a group of rural women and girls in the town of Ilobasco. This work was the beginning of Co-partners.


Jeannette Aleman Rodriguez

Jeannette Aleman Rodriguez, born in El Salvador, came to the US after graduating from high school during the Salvadoran civil war. She worked as the administrator for a mental health agency before studying to become a licensed professional counselor. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a counselor for the local county’s domestic and sexual violence program. 


Teddi Ahrens

Teddi Ahrens began as a sociologist, but was drawn to teaching, first in college, then younger and younger children. As a professional and volunteer, she has been an advocate for children and arts education, serving on her school board and creating children's enrichment programs. She writes historical fiction and nonfiction for young readers.


Kristin Langlykke

Kristin Langlykke is a nurse and former head of a community health agency. She is a fluent Spanish-speaker who has lived and worked in development in Peru.


Jim Heinzen

After working for three years as a Papal volunteer, Jim Heinzen began his career in a community action commission, which he later directed. Subsequently he directed development projects in Honduras, Bolivia and El Salvador.  He has an MBA degree.


Carol Reeder

Carol Reeder is a retired reading teacher, who taught low-income students for many years. In 1973, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji. More recently, she has traveled in Central and South America, including a trip to El Salvador with Co-partners.


Cristin Reeder

Cristin Reeder is an experienced English as a Second Language teacher, M.Ed. , who currently works as an elementary school teacher in the Alexandria City Public school system. She has over fourteen years’ experience teaching English and parenting classes in Central America and in the DC area.

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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith first was exposed to emerging markets when he deployed with the Navy to Africa and Iraq. After serving seven years he received his MA in International Affairs from CUA and his MBA from NYU and then analyzed Latin American Equities for Citigroup. He now is the Managing Director of the M&A team at a frontier market focused investment bank.

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Juan Rene Guzman

He is the national coordinator of the small grants program of the United Nations Global Environment Facility in El Salvador. He has worked  as a facilitator for multiple  international development agencies and is an advisor to Co-partners.

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