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Students have received scholarships


Women have learned dress making from our partner facilities resulting in additional income

Partner Organizations 



Can provide enough school supplies to send a child to school for a year

About Co-partners


Co-partners is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 1994 to support rural women and youth in El Salvador and Guatemala. Our mission is to keep children in school, teach income-producing skills, and mentor future leaders. 
Our programs are based on the motto:  Learn, Earn and Lead.

How we help:

Co-partners provides grants to  women’s organizations in El Salvador and Guatemala to fund scholarships and training programs organized and managed by local partners. U.S. based Co-partners volunteers travel to El Salvador and Guatemala from one to three times a year to consult with our partners on  program development, fundraising and community outreach and to conduct leadership training for women and adolescents involved in Co-partners programs.

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Find out more about some recent work we've done, our fundraising efforts, and general news from the communities we help

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